Mission: Unlock Enoch

The first Escape Room World Championship

Who will be the world’s best Mind Gamers?

Escape Room World Finals

March 25, 2017 in Budapest, Hungary

The 22 best teams from over 75 qualifier events hosted in 22 countries + 2 Wildcard teams head to Budapest, to test their mental acuity at the World Finals of the first-ever Escape Room World Championship. They face a never-before-seen Escape Room based on quantum logic and designed by a team led by Dr. Scott Nicholson, Professor of Game Design at the BGNlab, Wilfrid Laurier University and produced by Fox in a Box.

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TEAM France[9m 42s 535ms]
TEAM Italy[11m 17s 980ms]
TEAM South Korea[9m 37s 664ms]
TEAM Russian Federation[10m 35s 507ms]
TEAM Spain[13m 43s 654ms]
TEAM Sweden[12m 44s 100ms]
TEAM United Kingdom[12m 2s 433ms]


What’s Mission: Unlock Enoch?
A real-world challenge, that puts the smartest masterminds out there to the ultimate test. The game was invented at an „Escape Room Game Jam“ at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, organized by the MIT Game Lab and Dr. Konstantin Mitgutsch, Affiliate Researcher at the MIT Game Lab and Founder of Playful Solutions, Vienna, and is inspired by ‘MindGamers’ The Movie by Terra Mater. It is a unique and interactive event in 3 stages, where players solve challenges within a time limit. The challenge takes you from proving your skills online, to competing in teams at local Qualifier Events, to the World Finals: an ultimate mixed-reality Escape Room, in Budapest March 2017.
How can I watch the Finals?
You can watch the World Finals LIVE on March 25, 8 CET on Red Bull TV.
Where will the Escape Room be built?
How many teams, who will take part?
Who designed & produces the Escape Room?
What’s unique about this Escape Room?
What’s ENOCH?
Can I still qualify?
How do I get updates about Red Bull Mind Gamers and future news?
What’s the prize for the World Champion?

The 2016 Red Bull Mind Gamers Mission is created by Playful Solutions, inspired by ‘MindGamers’ the movie by Terra Mater and by a Game Jam hosted at MIT.

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