Mission: Unlock Enoch

A global competitive mind gaming tournament

The 2016 Red Bull Mind Gamers Mission is created by Playful Solutions, inspired by ‘MindGamers’ the movie by Terra Mater and by a Game Jam hosted at MIT. Who will be the world’s best Mind Gamers?

Prove you have the skills to be the ultimate Mind Gamer.


Qualify Online. Choose a city and try to earn a spot at your local qualifier event.


Local Qualifier Events. Recruit a team of up to three additional players and compete at the real-life qualifier events. The task: to unlock a mysterious digital cube. The national winning teams will battle it out at the finals.


Escape Room World Finals. The best national teams will battle it out in the Mind Gaming finals: an ultimate mixed reality Escape Room Tournament, in Budapest in March 2017.

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Local Qualifier Events

Choose your country and qualify for an event near you. Qualifier events are taking place in more than 50 cities around the world. Choose the city you want to play for, and earn a spot at your local qualifier event.

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Can’t find an event near you? Try to earn your spot on the global high score list. The 4 best players worldwide win a „Wildcard“ for the Mission Unlock Enoch World Final in Budapest in 2017.

Global Wildcard

Your local qualifier is not yet open? There is no qualifier happening near you? Then practice your skills, play and try to earn your spot on the global high score list: The 4 best global players earn a „Wildcard“ for the Mission Unlock Enoch World Finals in Budapest in 2017.

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Current Leader

    Budapest, Hungary

    Escape Room World Finals

    Who will be the world’s best Mind Gamers? The fastest teams per country step up and battle it out at the Mission: Unlock Enoch World Finals in Budapest in March 2017, where they will enter a never before seen Escape Room based on quantum logic. The room was designed by Dr. Scott Nicholson and his students, Robert Durant, Sean Harrison, and Chris Tenuta with the BGNlab at Wilfrid Laurier University in Brantford, Ontario and will be produced by Fox in a box. The global winner team will be invited to a puzzle design workshop at the MIT Game Lab.

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    • Austria

      3 Events
    • Azerbaijan

      1 Events
    • Estonia

      2 Events
    • France

      6 Events
    • Germany

      4 Events
    • Hungary

      1 Events
    • Italy

      3 Events
    • Korea, Republic of

      1 Events
    • Lithuania

      2 Events
    • Norway

      2 Events
    • Oman

      2 Events
    • Romania

      2 Events
    • Russian Federation

      6 Events
    • Singapore

      1 Events
    • Slovenia

      2 Events
    • Spain

      1 Events
    • Sweden

      2 Events
    • Switzerland

      2 Events
    • Turkey

      9 Events
    • Ukraine

      4 Events
    • United Kingdom

      2 Events
    • United States

      16 Events